Petra - What's In A Name

Chorus / Description : The song reflects on the various names given to Jesus in the Bible, emphasizing His power, glory, and significance. It draws from Philippians 2:9-10 and highlights Jesus as the Messiah, Lamb of God, and Son of God, emphasizing the importance of His name.

What's In A Name Lyrics

[Based on Philippians 2:9-10]

Some men called Him Rabbi, good teacher, nothing more
The Son of just a carpenter who taught along the shore
Some men called Him Master, Elijah come again
Some left their nets to follow Him to learn to fish for men
Some say He's Messiah, I Am, who's always been
The Baptist called Him Lamb of God who takes away our sin

What's in a name that the demons flee
What's in a name that the captives go free
What's in a name that every knee should bow
In the name of Jesus, name above all names
There is power and glory, forever and ever
Forever and ever

Some said Son of David returning to His throne
Some said He's the Son of Man with origin unknown
And one said He's the Son of God, the Rock on which we stand
The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end

No other name can sound so sweet
No other name is so complete
No other name can bring release
The Mighty God, the Prince of Peace

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  • Song: What's In A Name
  • Artist(s): Petra