Stay Up Lyrics

I'm press fast forward 
I'm not trying dying being the dreamer 
Just can't stay the same forever more 
Ain't trying to replicate nobody 
Coz that will be livin the '? 
I'm gonna fly to my destiny

But every time I'm feeling down 
Pick myself and go oooh oh oh 
Better believe I'm stay up go getter 
I'm win like oh ooh oh 
Working hard till I make it 
Just can't stay down 
And the bar can't drop now 
Unto another lever 

So put Your hands up, hands up 
Hands up, hands up 
Everybody know dey place 
Well I've got stay up 
Stay up, stay up in the true light 

Let me see your hands 
If you know you'd never stop 
Don't give up now you've got to far to go 
I stay up, I stay up 
I'm get it, I'm get it now...

He leads I will follow ...

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