True in The Light Lyrics

What’s true in the light
Is true in the darkness
Though sorrow is real
You won’t let it break us
So we sing in the night, and trust in your promises
Your true in the light, and true in the darkness
Now more than ever, keep me tethered
The pain I feel has come to steal the truth that’s been my anchor
Wild winds are shaking my foundations
Give me strength to stand against these doubts as they come flooding
To put my hope in what I know, instead of what I’m feeling
My emotions are useful, but they’re not gospel
My troubled mind is sinking sand
But You are ever faithful
Unshakable, unbreakable
Your love will keep me stable
You’re my True North
You’re my compass
Holy Spirit, come and lead us
Be my rock Lord, in my weakness
Holy spirit, come and lead us

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