When He Set Me Free Lyrics

One day I was walkin'
One day I was talkin'
One day I was livin' deep in sin

I wouldn't believe Him
And I wouldn't receive Him
Well, I never knew I needed such a Friend

I started seekin'
I started searchin'
Lookin' for a Man from Galilee

I started prayin'
Hear these words I'm sayin'
"Come on down from Glory and set me free!"

Don't you know He put a runnin' in my feet
He put a clappin' in my hands
He put a shoutin' in my heart
He took a doubtin' from my mind
My way got brighter (brighter)
Load got lighter (lighter)
I started walkin' (walkin')
I started talkin' (talkin')
I started singin' (singin')
I started shoutin' (shoutin')
Oh God said
God said if we would believe Him
God said if we would receive Him
I thank you Jesus (I thank you Jesus)
I thank you Jesus (I thank you Jesus)
I thank you Jesus (I thank you Jesus)
Oh my Lord (Oh my Lord)
Well, you really should have been there when He
set me free (set me free)

I'm climbin' higher, load gettin' lighter
Darkness has lifted far away (far away)
On the road to Glory, gonna tell my story
Gonna tell you what He did for me that day

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  • Bonnie Gentry

    I love love love this song ... makes me dance around my kitchen!