Sidewalk Prophets - For You Tonight

Chorus / Description : The song For You Tonight by Sidewalk Prophets is a reminder that we are never alone and that God is always with us. It emphasizes the hope and love that comes from having a relationship with God. While the lyrics do not directly quote specific biblical references, they align with the overall message of God's presence and love for His people, which can be found throughout the Bible.

For You Tonight Lyrics

You think you’re alone
But you’re not alone
You carry the blame
Like it’s your own

Time to say goodbye to all the fear
Don’t you know that I am right here

My heart beats
For You tonight
We all need
Someone on our side
There is a hope
With arms open wide
For you tonight

You can’t separate
The You from me
This is the way
It was made to be

I’ll be reaching out forever, so
Take my hand, just let the rest go


Whatever you go through
Know I’ll never leave you
‘Cause we’re held together
By love that this world can’t divide


For You Tonight Video

  • Song: For You Tonight
  • Artist(s): Sidewalk Prophets
  • Album: Live Like That
  • Release Date: 26 Mar 2012
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