Sidewalk Prophets - This Is Not Goodbye

Chorus / Description : The song This Is Not Goodbye by Sidewalk Prophets encourages listeners to pursue their dreams and trust in God's plan for their lives. It emphasizes that parting is not the end, but a new beginning, reflecting the biblical message of God's guidance and promises. (No specific Bible references are mentioned in the lyrics.)

This Is Not Goodbye Lyrics

I can see it in your eyes that you are restless
The time has come for you to leave
It’s so hard to let you go but in this life I know
You have to be who you were made to be

As you step out on the road I’ll say a prayer
So that in my heart you always will be there

This is not goodbye
I know we’ll meet again
So let your life begin
‘Cause this is not goodbye
It’s just “I love you” to take with you
Until you’re home again

The stirring in your soul has left you wondering
Should you stay or turn around
Well, just remember that your dreams they are a promise
That you were made to change the world
So don’t let fear stop you now ‘cause


I know the brightest star above
Was created by the One who loved
More than we’ll ever know
To guide you when you’re lost

What started as a still, small voice
Is raging now and your only choice
Is to follow who you are
So follow who you are ‘cause

This is not goodbye
I know we’ll meet again


This Is Not Goodbye Video

  • Song: This Is Not Goodbye
  • Artist(s): Sidewalk Prophets
  • Album: Live Like That
  • Release Date: 26 Mar 2012
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