I'm Never Alone Lyrics + Video

I'm Never Alone Lyrics

Speak Lord cause I don't know what to do 
Speak Lord take away the pain I'm going through  
Speak Lord cause I feel like I gave up on life 
I know that Your word is all I need Lord 
To give me strength to survive 

I'm desparate for You 
I'm thirsting for You 
I depend on only You 
To tell me what just to do 
And I lift up my eyes to focus on You 
Cause I know with You all things are possible 
I feel safe when I am in Your hands 

I'm never alone when You're with me 
I'm never alone 
I'm never alone cause You will protect me 
You are my savior 
You are my healer 
You are my defense 
I will trust You

You are my shelter 
You are my strength 
With You all things are possible 

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