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I know that you got wounded
It’s painful when your heart is disillusioned
And you find out all your heroes, they’re just human
And they know not what they do, what they do
The perpetrators of division
Are the casualties in the name of religion
So you think that you’d be safer from a distance
And I won’t say it’s not true
I know that you’ve seen
A sin of hypocrisy
That’s the human condition
That’s not God’s heart beat
I’m sorry
I’m sorry
So if you want to leave (leave)
If you gotta go (then go)
I’ll be right here (I’ll be here)
When you come home (When you come home)
Surrounded by confusion
You just want to know the why behind the doing
And they treat you like a question and intrusion
But God will answer you
And you can’t get no satisfaction
When you’re trying to resist divine attraction
Cause He loves you more than you ever imagined
I know you’re searching for the proof
You can bring your doubts
You can think out loud
Love will hear you out
Come home

Music video by Tauren Wells performing Come Home (Live In Nashville, TN/2022). Sparrow 

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