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Come Alive (Resurrection Power) Lyrics

What is buried You can raise again 
What is lifeless You'll breathe life within 
What seems over to You it's not the end 
There's nothing that You cannot do
I'm ready, God, to see You move

There's resurrection power 
Right here it's breaking out 
Let dead things come to life 
Let dry bones come alive
The one who empties graves 
Is here to do the same
Let dead things come to life 
Let dry bones come alive

Come alive, come alive
Let dead things come to life 
Come alive, come alive
Let dry bones come alive

Out of darkness You've brought victory 
Tore the veil and made a way for me 
Now I'm standing with the risen King
 Staring at an empty tomb
'Cause Jesus You're the living proof 
There's nothing that You cannot do 
I'm ready God to see You move

I'm running out of the grave 
I'm running out of the grave 
Sickness get out of my way 
‘Cause there's healing 
There's healing here
I'm running out of the grave
I'm running out of the grave 
Strongholds you gotta move 
Stronghold it's time that you break 
Cause there's freedom
There's freedom here

I'm dancing out of the grave 
I'm dancing out of the grave 
I'm dancing out of the grave 
'Cause there's freedom 
There's freedom here

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  • Song: Come Alive (Resurrection Power)
  • Artist(s): The Belonging Co + Hope Darst
  • Album: Here (Live)
  • Release Date: 25 Mar 2022
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Come Alive (Resurrection Power) // The Belonging Co // New Song Cafe Behind The Song

Hope and Andrew interview with Worship Together's New Song Cafe.
It's so powerful to just declare faith in the midst of maybe uncertainty or not knowing what's going on. You know when we read through the stories of jesus we so often see that faith and miracles are connected.

How was this song (Come Alive) birthed?
Earlier this year we had a writing retreat and just with some of our core team at church actually at our building here in nashville and the last day of the retreat, It was me, Hope, Casey Brown and Ben Schofield in a room writing. I had this like idea in my phone the whole week kind of like i want to write it but it never felt like the moment to write it. It was essentially the course of this with a few different lyrics but it was just:
There's resurrection power
Right here it's breaking out
I sang it to them and they and they loved it
It immediately just sparked faith in all of us because you know in our house and our church we love songs that instantly bring breakthrough in the room instantly bring freedom into the room and for us that's what this song has been. I remember the first time we let it, just like literal freedom breaking out like i've never seen it even in our Church anyway so like people like running around the room dancing jumping and so many testimonies have come of just people finding freedom and healing. There's so many moments in this song that i love because it just speaks right to sickness, right to strongholds, right to anything that you're facing and brings freedom.

Hope Darst:
while at a break for lunch I just suddenly had this like in my my head and i just i knew in my spirit even when we went into the room to write that day that i wanted a song for our house that really created a moment for there to be actual active faith.

Scripture Behind the song
Ezekiel 37 1-14 and verse 4 it says: Then he told me prophesy to the bones and say to them dry bones hear the word of the Lord. This is what the sovereign lord says: to these bones i will make breath enter you and you will come to life

It says later on in verse 11 "This is what the sovereign Lord says, my people i am going to open your graves and bring you up from them. I will bring you back to the land of israel and then you my people will know that i am the Lord. When i open your graves and bring you up from them, i will put my spirit in you and you will live and i will settle you in your own land.

For so many people there's often times i think especially
In the last two years where we're looking at a diagnosis. We're looking at financial situations that feel completely in ruin. We're watching relationships break down, There is an a moment where you can actually partner with the word of God and begin to prophesy over that thing, come back to life in the name of Jesus, health come back to life, marriage come back to life kids come back to life, finances come back to life.
We wrote this song for those people to be able to end that moment in their houses, in their worship services to actually just begin to say come alive to anything that feels dead. That's what i love about worship is that it is always a moment for us as songwriters to write songs that prophesy and confess the word of God in a way that people can they can actually make their own and they can say it out of their own mouths and with their own hearts.

This song has brought so much freedom i know just for the belonging company but beyond that just anybody who's hearing this song i think so much freedom has come from this.

What is that one testimony in the song that has stirred your faith?
We had a guy on our worship team that he had had a knee injury and like it just was not healing correctly. He couldn't jump, he couldn't run or anything like, it had taken him out of like working out he's like an avid work guy that works out. The first time i think andrew led it, He was in the service and he felt like his knee began to like get strengthened and he was one of the people that was literally like running down to the front
of the church. He said God had healed my knee that day. I love that because i remember in the room when we were writing, i think at some point somebody said 'our hope for this is that literally people will be running' like what that bridge says like i'm running out of the grave, sickness get out of my way strongholds you have to break. It was something want this to physically happen in the room and to see that it has happened over and over and over and over again every time we lead it it's something beyond us it's not something that we did i think we just tapped into, something that God wanted his kids to be able to say in a moment over their lives. It's such a cycle because faith faith activates miracles yes and then those miracles happen and they spur other people to grow in their faith which then activates more miracles which then grows faith again. I love that faith is the substance of things not seen and yet it's something that you can actively participate so that it becomes seen so good.


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Bible Verses for Come Alive (Resurrection Power)

Philippians 3 : 10

that I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, becoming conformed unto his death;

Matthew 27 : 52

and the tombs were opened; and many bodies of the saints that had fallen asleep were raised;