In You Came Lyrics

It's been a long, yes, a long long time
Since I've seen a rainbow, smelled an apple pie
Played with the clouds passing by
Remembering those, those happy days
Splashing in the puddles after the rain
Will I ever see them again?

But then You came with Your arms open wide
Bringing back the rainbow after the rain
Bringing back the sunshine once again
I've often wondered why You want me
With all of my problems, child fantasies
All that I've done, who I am

And now and then I will cry
Knowing how I've hurt You time and time again
Really wouldn't blame You if You leave
But still You're there with Your arms open wide
Asking nothing of me, just of myself
You put the past behind me and then in You came

And I know now why You stay
Walking there beside me through thick and thin
Always there to guide me on my way
You're always there with Your arms open wide
Always there to turn to when times are sad
Giving me a smile to make me glad in You came

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