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Let it Be Love Lyrics

Children of God
What have we done
We’ve taken the truth
And made it a weapon
How easy we forget
What drew and pulled us in
It was not pointed fingers
Or proving me wrong
That called and convicted
Me to come home
Kindness brought repentance
Freedom and forgiveness
Oh Children

If we’re gonna be known for something
Let it be love, love, love
Speaking the truth means nothing
Without love, love, love
No one’s gonna hear us
If we keep throwing stones
If we’re gonna be known for something
Let it be love

Children of God
We’ve painted our signs
“Come as you are”
Is that what they find?
Ready arms of welcome
Steady hands to help them
Rebuild what’s been broken
Bridges that burned
For hearts only open
With the key trust has earned
How else will they know him
Who else is gonna show them
Oh Children

Patient and kind
Keeps no record of wrongs
Gives more than it takes
No matter the cost
It is not proud
Selfish or rude
Lays down it’s life
For it’s enemies too
It hurts, it cries
Bleeds and it dies
Hopes and trusts
When it is crushed
Believes sustains
Endures the pain
It always prevails
It sings with songs of victory
Plants gardens where deserts used to be
Wastelands alive with living streams
Love never fails

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