William Mcdowell - Place Of Worship

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Place Of Worship Lyrics

I sing to You, I dance with You,
I cry before You here in this place.
I give my all, just to be hold
Just to be near, here in this place.
Just You and me, everything's so clear.
Now I am free, just You and me.
Don't care who sees, I don't care who hears,
Oh, how I love this place of worship.

(Oh God, I long to be with You.
More than anything, Lord.)

Oh, how I love this place with You. [4x]

Free to dance with You, free to sing to You
Free to hear from You. When I'm with You I am...

Free to worship, free to bow down,
Free... to cry out. When I'm with You I am...

Free... When I'm with You I am...

[Instrumental / Worship leader ad lib until the end]

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  • Song: Place Of Worship
  • Artist(s): William Mcdowell
  • Album: Arise (The Live Worship Experience)
  • Release Date: 08 Nov 2011
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