Will Reagan - Don't Give Up

Chorus / Description : The song encourages not giving up on each other, even in difficult times. It emphasizes the importance of communication, healing, and finding hope in relationships.

Don't Give Up Lyrics

Don't give up on me
I won't give up on you
You don't have to freeze
I don't have to lose you

And when I have to speak
And don't want to hear
You might think I'm weak
But I'm trying to be clear

Tell me what you see
I just need you to hear it
I can't let you leave
Have I lost you friend
The pieces keep falling
But I can't seem to grieve

Meet me in between
The silence and the scream
When we wrestle with the fire there's always something to redeem

I might not be right
But could you even try
And maybe just maybe
We will be alright

All the things we've done
Through miles and miles
Together we've come
Every seed we've sown
I see you
I see you
I need you to know
Even if you go
Broken pieces
Take them with me

Every story has a purpose
Memories like fabric
Woven together then tear us apart
We felt it from the start

Every lover had a family
Someone to remind me
We're woven together then tear us apart
You'll find who you are
See what's buried inside

Through the making and breaking
The waiting and changing
And fading and faking
And raising and aching
The feeling reeling
Don't give up on me
Don't give up on me

Could I be your prayer
I know that you are mine
Maybe just maybe
We will be alright

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  • Song: Don't Give Up
  • Artist(s): Will Reagan