Women Who Worship - All My Hallelujahs

All My Hallelujahs Lyrics

(Women Who Worship and Worship Together featuring Rita Springer and Leslie Jordan)

There is nothing here to fear
I am safe and I am seen
And I know I’m not alone
You have searched me and You know 

My heart and all it holds
My hope is You alone 
Let this be my worship 
Let this be my song 
Blessed is my assurance 
Through the night into the dawn 
May You hear me singing 
When answers never come 
You have all my hallelujahs 
Every single one 

You have always been my home
My sheltered hide away 
My help in times of trouble
You will always be my strength

In the silence
Even quiet 
I lift up my soul
God, you have all my hallelujahs
Every single one
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All My Hallelujahs Video

  • Song: All My Hallelujahs
  • Artist(s): Women Who Worship + Rita Springer + Leslie Jordan
  • Album: Women Who Worship (Live)
  • Release Date: 03 Mar 2023
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