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by Joyful Way | HLE | in Worship
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Who can be like our Lord 
Whith might and strength the king of kings 
With endless love and flowing grace 
He is the Lord above all things 

God alone, God alone 
God alone, God alone 

Your name we bring with to the war 
And wave of it hight for all to know 
That our trustis thy name 
There's no one great, greater than our king 

He's God alone, God alone 
God alone, God alone 

Father who can take Your place 
Deserves the highest praise 
You alone 
We give our crowns to You 
We say You reign 
As God alone 

Now hook to Him, who can do 
Exceedingly above our thoughts 
Be all the Glory and the praise 
There is no one greater than our king 

God alone, God alone 
God alone, God alone 

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3 Comments/Reviews

  • Leticia

    Very powerful lyrics, indeed He is God alone and alone. God bless bless you And give you more grace to minister.

  • Kofi Boateng

    God bless you for such a powerful song


    so inspiring....This is really telling people who God is... very nice... more grace to you!!!