TRIBL Maverick City - High Praise

High Praise Lyrics

Verse 1
Come now run 
Daughters and Sons  
All tribes and tongues 
Let’s start singing  

No sweeter sound 
Than freedom found
Oh it may get loud 
So let’s start singing 
Celebrate the King 
Seated on the throne 
The glory is Yours forevermore 
Celebrate the Son Look at what He's done
The blood the lamb has overcome
The greatest days are still ahead 
He’s just getting started 
Our lips will raise the loudest praise 
Oh we’re just getting started 
Verse 2
Our mountains quake
Every stronghold breaks
Over every grave 
Hear us singing 
Give him high praise
Give him high praise 

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  • Song: High Praise
  • Artist(s): TRIBL Maverick City


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