Ryan Ellis - Lean On The Lord

Lean On The Lord Lyrics

I remember when
I was just a kid
Didn’t worry bout a thing
The world was simple then

But it’s different now
A lot to figure it out
At some point I’ve gotta
Learn to lay my questions down

I’ve tried to make sense of it all but I just can’t
When I don’t understand

I’ll lean on the Lord
Lean on the Lord
Some things don’t make sense
But one things for sure
When I lean on You Lord
Lean on You Lord
Somehow your love
Gives me the strength to go on
So I lean on the Lord
So I lean on the Lord

You didn’t fail me then
You won’t fail me now
If I'm still breathing
There's a reason that I'm still around

So I will trust in You
And Put my hope in You
Keep me on the straight and narrow
Oh just like You do

Your love
Your truth
Your joy
I’m learning how to lean on
Your word
Your grace
Your strength
I’m learning how to

Lean On The Lord Video

  • Song: Lean On The Lord
  • Artist(s): Ryan Ellis + Housefires
  • Album: Ryan Ellis Live - EP
  • Release Date: 17 Mar 2023
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