Isaiah Chapter 41 Young's Literal Translation

Isaiah 41:1

Keep silent towards Me, O isles, And the peoples pass on `to' power, They come nigh, then they speak, `Together -- to judgment we draw near.'

Isaiah 41:2

Who stirred up from the east a righteous one? He calleth him to His foot, He giveth before him nations, And kings He causeth him to rule, He giveth `them' as dust `to' his sword, As driven stubble `to' his bow.

Isaiah 41:3

He pursueth them, he passeth over in safety A path with his feet he entereth not.

Isaiah 41:4

Who hath wrought and done, Calling the generations from the first? I, Jehovah, the first, and with the last I `am' He.

Isaiah 41:5

Seen have isles and fear, ends of the earth tremble, They have drawn near, yea, they come.

Isaiah 41:6

Each his neighbour they help, And to his brother he saith, `Be strong.'

Isaiah 41:7

And strengthen doth an artizan the refiner, A smoother `with' a hammer, Him who is beating `on' an anvil, Saying, `For joining it `is' good,' And he strengtheneth it with nails, it is not moved!

Isaiah 41:8

-- And thou, O Israel, My servant, Jacob, whom I have chosen, Seed of Abraham, My lover,

Isaiah 41:9

Whom I have taken hold of, from the ends of the earth, And from its near places I have called thee, And I say to thee, My servant Thou `art', I have chosen thee, and not rejected thee.

Isaiah 41:10

Be not afraid, for with thee I `am', Look not around, for I `am' thy God, I have strengthened thee, Yea, I have helped thee, yea, I upheld thee, With the right hand of My righteousness.

Isaiah 41:11

Lo, all those displeased with thee, They are ashamed and blush, They are as nothing, yea, perish Do the men who strive with thee.

Isaiah 41:12

Thou seekest them, and findest them not, The men who debate with thee, They are as nothing, yea, as nothing, The men who war with thee.

Isaiah 41:13

For I, Jehovah thy God, Am strengthening thy right hand, He who is saying to thee, `Fear not, I have helped thee.'

Isaiah 41:14

Fear not, O worm Jacob, ye men of Israel, I helped thee, an affirmation of Jehovah, Even thy redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.

Isaiah 41:15

Lo, I have set thee for a new sharp threshing instrument, Possessing teeth, thou threshest mountains, And beatest small, and hills as chaff thou makest.

Isaiah 41:16

Thou winnowest them, and a wind lifteth them up, And a whirlwind scattereth them, And thou -- thou rejoicest in Jehovah, In the Holy One of Israel dost boast thyself.

Isaiah 41:17

The poor and the needy are seeking water, And there is none, Their tongue with thirst hath failed, I, Jehovah do answer them, The God of Israel -- I forsake them not.

Isaiah 41:18

I open on high places rivers, And in midst of valleys fountains, I make a wilderness become a pond of water, And a dry land become springs of water.

Isaiah 41:19

I give in a wilderness the cedar, Shittah, and myrtle, and oil-tree, I set in a desert the fir-pine and box-wood together.

Isaiah 41:20

So that they see, and know, And regard, and act wisely together, For the hand of Jehovah hath done this, And the Holy One of Israel hath prepared it.

Isaiah 41:21

Bring near your cause, saith Jehovah, Bring nigh your mighty ones, saith the king of Jacob.

Isaiah 41:22

They bring nigh, and declare to us that which doth happen, The first things -- what they `are' declare ye, And we set our heart, and know their latter end, Or the coming things cause us to hear.

Isaiah 41:23

Declare the things that are coming hereafter, And we know that ye `are' gods, Yea, ye may do good or do evil, And we look around and see `it' together.

Isaiah 41:24

Lo, ye `are' of nothing, and your work of nought, An abomination -- it fixeth on you.

Isaiah 41:25

I have stirred up `one' from the north, And he cometh, From the rising of the sun he calleth in My name, And he cometh in `on' prefects as `on' clay, And as a potter treadeth down mire.

Isaiah 41:26

Who hath declared from the first, and we know? And beforetime, and we say, `Righteous?' yea, there is none declaring, Yea, there is none proclaiming, Yea, there is none hearing your sayings.

Isaiah 41:27

First to Zion, Behold, behold them, And to Jerusalem one proclaiming tidings I give,

Isaiah 41:28

And I see that there is no man, Yea, of these that there is no counsellor, And I ask them, and they return word:

Isaiah 41:29

`Lo, all of them `are' vanity, Nought `are' their works, Wind and emptiness their molten images!'