Audrey Assad - Hope You Know It

Chorus / Description : The song reminds listeners to recognize their worth and potential, embracing their uniqueness, and finding strength in themselves amidst chaos and doubt.

Hope You Know It Lyrics

Maybe you've been waking to find you feel desperate
What keeps coming up in your mind when you let it?
You got that knowing in your eyes
You can read between the lines
Loving you is easy and I hope you know it
I hope you know it

I hope you see it in the stars
Feel it deep down in your heart
Beauty everywhere that you are
You are perfect
I hope you know it

I hope you imagine your life full of chaos and wonder
In brilliant colorÔ??no permanent lines
You're full of the power you're waiting for someone to give you
You're lightning and thunder
You're sun in the sky

I hope you know it
I hope you know it
I hope you, I hope you know it
I hope you know it

If you don't feel free
If you cannot see
Just remember please
You can lean on me
Cause you're not on your own
No you're never alone
And I hope that you know
Yeah I hope you know

Hope You Know It Video

  • Song: Hope You Know It
  • Artist(s): Audrey Assad
  • Album: Hope You Know It - EP
  • Release Date: 12 Apr 2024
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