Luke Chapter 22 Young's Literal Translation

Luke 22:1

And the feast of the unleavened food was coming nigh, that is called Passover,

Luke 22:2

and the chief priests and the scribes were seeking how they may take him up, for they were afraid of the people.

Luke 22:3

And the Adversary entered into Judas, who is surnamed Iscariot, being of the number of the twelve,

Luke 22:4

and he, having gone away, spake with the chief priests and the magistrates, how he might deliver him up to them,

Luke 22:5

and they rejoiced, and covenanted to give him money,

Luke 22:6

and he agreed, and was seeking a favourable season to deliver him up to them without tumult.

Luke 22:7

And the day of the unleavened food came, in which it was behoving the passover to be sacrificed,

Luke 22:8

and he sent Peter and John, saying, `Having gone on, prepare to us the passover, that we may eat;'

Luke 22:9

and they said to him, `Where wilt thou that we might prepare?'

Luke 22:10

And he said to them, `Lo, in your entering into the city, there shall meet you a man, bearing a pitcher of water, follow him to the house where he doth go in,

Luke 22:11

and ye shall say to the master of the house, The Teacher saith to thee, Where is the guest-chamber where the passover with my disciples I may eat?

Luke 22:12

and he shall show you a large upper room furnished, there make ready;'

Luke 22:13

and they, having gone away, found as he hath said to them, and they made ready the passover.

Luke 22:14

And when the hour come, he reclined (at meat), and the twelve apostles with him,

Luke 22:15

and he said unto them, `With desire I did desire to eat this passover with you before my suffering,

Luke 22:16

for I say to you, that no more may I eat of it till it may be fulfilled in the reign of God.'

Luke 22:17

And having taken a cup, having given thanks, he said, `Take this and divide to yourselves,

Luke 22:18

for I say to you that I may not drink of the produce of the vine till the reign of God may come.'

Luke 22:19

And having taken bread, having given thanks, he brake and gave to them, saying, `This is my body, that for you is being given, this do ye -- to remembrance of me.'

Luke 22:20

In like manner, also, the cup after the supping, saying, `This cup `is' the new covenant in my blood, that for you is being poured forth.

Luke 22:21

`But, lo, the hand of him delivering me up `is' with me on the table,

Luke 22:22

and indeed the Son of Man doth go according to what hath been determined; but wo to that man through whom he is being delivered up.'

Luke 22:23

And they began to reason among themselves, who then of them it may be, who is about to do this thing.

Luke 22:24

And there happened also a strife among them -- who of them is accounted to be greater.

Luke 22:25

And he said to them, `The kings of the nations do exercise lordship over them, and those exercising authority upon them are called benefactors;

Luke 22:26

but ye `are' not so, but he who is greater among you -- let him be as the younger; and he who is leading, as he who is ministering;

Luke 22:27

for who is greater? he who is reclining (at meat), or he who is ministering? is it not he who is reclining (at meat)? and I -- I am in your midst as he who is ministering.

Luke 22:28

`And ye -- ye are those who have remained with me in my temptations,

Luke 22:29

and I appoint to you, as my Father did appoint to me, a kingdom,

Luke 22:30

that ye may eat and may drink at my table, in my kingdom, and may sit on thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.'

Luke 22:31

And the Lord said, `Simon, Simon, lo, the Adversary did ask you for himself to sift as the wheat,

Luke 22:32

and I besought for thee, that thy faith may not fail; and thou, when thou didst turn, strengthen thy brethren.'

Luke 22:33

And he said to him, `Sir, with thee I am ready both to prison and to death to go;'

Luke 22:34

and he said, `I say to thee, Peter, a cock shall not crow to-day, before thrice thou mayest disown knowing me.'

Luke 22:35

And he said to them, `When I sent you without bag, and scrip, and sandals, did ye lack anything?' and they said, `Nothing.'

Luke 22:36

Then said he to them, `But, now, he who is having a bag, let him take `it' up, and in like manner also a scrip; and he who is not having, let him sell his garment, and buy a sword,

Luke 22:37

for I say to you, that yet this that hath been written it behoveth to be fulfilled in me: And with lawless ones he was reckoned, for also the things concerning me have an end.'

Luke 22:38

And they said, `Sir, lo, here `are' two swords;' and he said to them, `It is sufficient.'

Luke 22:39

And having gone forth, he went on, according to custom, to the mount of the Olives, and his disciples also followed him,

Luke 22:40

and having come to the place, he said to them, `Pray ye not to enter into temptation.'

Luke 22:41

And he was withdrawn from them, as it were a stone's cast, and having fallen on the knees he was praying,

Luke 22:42

saying, `Father, if Thou be counselling to make this cup pass from me --; but, not my will, but Thine be done.' --

Luke 22:43

And there appeared to him a messenger from heaven strengthening him;

Luke 22:44

and having been in agony, he was more earnestly praying, and his sweat became, as it were, great drops of blood falling upon the ground.

Luke 22:45

And having risen up from the prayer, having come unto the disciples, he found them sleeping from the sorrow,

Luke 22:46

and he said to them, `Why do ye sleep? having risen, pray that ye may not enter into temptation.'

Luke 22:47

And while he is speaking, lo, a multitude, and he who is called Judas, one of the twelve, was coming before them, and he came nigh to Jesus to kiss him,

Luke 22:48

and Jesus said to him, `Judas, with a kiss the Son of Man dost thou deliver up?'

Luke 22:49

And those about him, having seen what was about to be, said to him, `Sir, shall we smite with a sword?'

Luke 22:50

And a certain one of them smote the servant of the chief priest, and took off his right ear,

Luke 22:51

and Jesus answering said, `Suffer ye thus far,' and having touched his ear, he healed him.

Luke 22:52

And Jesus said to those having come upon him -- chief priests, and magistrates of the temple, and elders -- `As upon a robber have ye come forth, with swords and sticks?

Luke 22:53

while daily I was with you in the temple, ye did stretch forth no hands against me; but this is your hour and the power of the darkness.'

Luke 22:54

And having taken him, they led and brought him to the house of the chief priest. And Peter was following afar off,

Luke 22:55

and they having kindled a fire in the midst of the court, and having sat down together, Peter was sitting in the midst of them,

Luke 22:56

and a certain maid having seen him sitting at the light, and having earnestly looked at him, she said, `And this one was with him!'

Luke 22:57

and he disowned him, saying, `Woman, I have not known him.'

Luke 22:58

And after a little, another having seen him, said, `And thou art of them!' and Peter said, `Man, I am not.'

Luke 22:59

And one hour, as it were, having intervened, a certain other was confidently affirming, saying, `Of a truth this one also was with him, for he is also a Galilean;'

Luke 22:60

and Peter said, `Man, I have not known what thou sayest;' and presently, while he is speaking, a cock crew.

Luke 22:61

And the Lord having turned did look on Peter, and Peter remembered the word of the Lord, how he said to him -- `Before a cock shall crow, thou mayest disown me thrice;'

Luke 22:62

and Peter having gone without, wept bitterly.

Luke 22:63

And the men who were holding Jesus were mocking him, beating `him';

Luke 22:64

and having blindfolded him, they were striking him on the face, and were questioning him, saying, `Prophesy who he is who smote thee?'

Luke 22:65

and many other things, speaking evilly, they spake in regard to him.

Luke 22:66

And when it became day there was gathered together the eldership of the people, chief priests also, and scribes, and they led him up to their own sanhedrim,

Luke 22:67

saying, `If thou be the Christ, tell us.' And he said to them, `If I may tell you, ye will not believe;

Luke 22:68

and if I also question `you', ye will not answer me or send me away;

Luke 22:69

henceforth, there shall be the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of the power of God.'

Luke 22:70

And they all said, `Thou, then, art the Son of God?' and he said unto them, `Ye say `it', because I am;'

Luke 22:71

and they said, `What need yet have we of testimony? for we ourselves did hear `it' from his mouth.'